Why does it matter?

We are living in an extremely powerful time period. Social movements are able to reach thousands of people through a simple click of a button thanks to social media, blogs, and YouTube. Getting people on board with your movement has reached a new level of efficiency. The platforms used to specifically express the issue of racism in the music industry are seen through blogsYouTube videos , and social media platforms . I want to look more specifically at how famous black female artists use their social media to express their concerns on this issue. In my last post I talked a bit about Nicki Minaj’s twitter and I want to compare and contrast what she spoke about versus what others are saying, such as Tinashe and Beyonce.

So, what are people saying about racism in the music industry? Through some blog posts that I’ve seen, it feels as though black female artists speak out the most on this issue. Tinashe speaks about how there is not enough room for everyone in the industry. This is a thought that I did not even consider. She says

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In this case “pink is the new blog”’s style of writing was visual-rhetorical; her blog is expressing her right to articulate her feelings on this important issue through the view of a young, established, black female artist. To me this blog post seems to be inferring that Tinashe’s thoughts are that this is a problem that is in need of institutional system-change.

Nicki Minaj has been a great influence in the music industry as she is a black female rapper who has built an empire for herself. She speaks very eloquently about what it’s like to be a black female artist in the music industry in this video.

Beyonce is pretty much unavoidable if you are an avid user of social media and a consumer of good music; so you have most likely seen Beyonce’s Formation video. The point of her video was to bring attention to the Black Lives Matter movement but there was so much more involved in the music video that brought up a lot of talk in the media. Two months after the video was released Beyonce finally spoke out to the critics who misunderstood the meaning of the video . She brought much needed attention to black women in the black lives matter movement using her fame and musical talents.

So now lets fast-forward a bit; within the last week Beyonce has blown the media away once again with the release of her visual album titled “Lemonade” . The hour long video depicts primarily only black women. I think it’s incredible that Beyonce continues to use her powerful status to continue to release videos into the mainstream media that depict important issues! The fact that she is a black female artist herself means she will get way more criticism than if any other white female artist that dare do what she’s done in this past year alone. Formation and Lemonade are perfect examples of music videos, produced by a female black artist, showing the problems facing our society of racism and sexism.

So, what does this mean? Why do we care so much? There are hundreds of thousands of people out on the internet creating their own blogs, speaking out about the issues of racism and sexism in the music industry in their own ways; what can that tell us about America as a whole? I think it’s a perfect way to describe democracy! People actually care about things; we’ve just seen it in the videos and blogs I’ve posted above. People want to speak their minds and express their own take on these issues. The more chances there are for people to express themselves through social media platforms, blog posts, etc the more voices there are to be heard and critiqued. It’s an amazing concept if you really think about it. The world we live in today is very technology centered but I think it’s a good thing because it means we get to experience everyone and everything people want to say! Nicki, Tinashe, and Beyonce are all powerful, successful black women in the music industry who have used the power of their social media tools to express their visions of what social change needs to be made in order to make America a more equal place to live.


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