Like, Tweet, Share & EDM

Groups like Mass EDMC is increasingly becoming more widespread over the internet allowing EDM fans access to latest news about upcoming events and releases from their favorite DJs.

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Websites like MASS EDMC allow fans to hear about the latest releases from their favorite DJs. Festival events from around the US are advertised on these websites to gain buzz from the community. The site is covered in advertisements for different festivals.

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And these aren’t just some little websites that bloggers created for fun.  EDM websites take the physical realm of EDM and insert it into a eye-catching webpage sure to catch your attention. The graphics that are displayed on these webpages are insane and extremely professional. From just one click, you can tell that a ton of time and effort is put in to make these websites reflect the spirit of the EDM community.

Social media plays a huge role in the expansion of the EDM empire! Artists are able to promote new tracks and upcoming shows to their fans directly. How simple is it to share a link and allow 200+ followers to listen to your newest track? Just ask Bassnectar himself! (or tweet him)


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.40.08 PM.png
Bassnectar can reach out to 250+ followers via Twitter to spread the word about new events and music in the works.

The internet is another way for EDM fans to access information and the latest jams from DJs around the world. Like the festival community the internet is an extension of EDM culture. Because EDM is so widespread the international circuit is able to reach the U.S. by way of Soundcloud and other music sharing sites. Soundcloud started in Berlin, Germany which has a huge Techno and EDM scene. Its extension into the U.S. seems to have been another way that helped to popularize the EDM phenomenon.

One of the most unique ways that Electronic Dance Music has spread over the internet is through Youtube.

Videos like the one above are another way to reach fans from everywhere in the world. You don’t have to be at the festival to enjoy the sets of Hardwell at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Fans can see any one of their favorite DJs play an entire set live through streaming. This is a fantastic way that the EDM community can share and support the music that they enjoy listening to.

EDM websites and blogs have always been a part of an underground mysterious network where hundreds of new posts and topics appear in front of the screen. But who is really in charge of all these displays of music promotion?

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.25.27 AM.png When you look past all the glitter, these websites seem to share an endless bounty of promotional events. What better way to promote your festival than allow every EDM website post about it? In a way it is genius advertising.

You can purchase tickets to a show or weekend festival through these websites from popular cities like Boston to Los Angeles. People travel from around the world for these events. By marketing online and creating intricate websites, festivals are able to entice people to buy tickets. Mysteryland is just one example of how marketing to a whole generation of youth is specific for festivals. Just viewing the website makes you want to experience the wonderland that this festival provides.

The online community of Electronic Dance Music seems much closer than traditional online communities. There is little to no backlash on interests–People share a sense of respect. As everyone likes their own music, we are entitled to our own opinions. It is the online EDM community and bloggers who show that social media and online blogging doesn’t have to be all negative and hurtful. But it can be positive, informative, and a way to share the universal love for music.

By Paul Durkin


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