The Perspective of a Raver

The Electronic Dance Music Industry is unlike any other in contemporary society. What I mean by that is that it incorporates its fans and consumers into every aspect of it. People yearn for a sense of belonging and involvement. That’s what the EDM industry caters to. It actually democratizes itself in many different ways, shapes and forms. For example, the world famous Ultra Music Festival tweeted out to it’s fans to tweet their favorite artists to release their sets from ultra so they could enjoy them.Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.32.37 PM What other business would promote that it’s artists release their own material, much of it copyrighted it and some of it unreleased to the masses? Ultra Music Festival kicks of the festival season in America and it’s where DJ’s play their new tracks, collaborations with other DJ’s and they all want to have the best set of the weekend. Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.24.16 PMInstead of using a capitalist perspective to profit off of this, granted UMF specializes in event hosting, so it is entirely up to the DJ’s to release their own sets, which most do whether succumbing to pressure from fans or more likely they want people to hear a better version of their set not a low quality audio rip.


Another example of the democratic perspective of the Electronic Dance Music Industry would be the open sourcing of software amongst producers and DJ’s. Many DJ’s release some of their own music for free so that their fans who produce as well can make remixes for them. They’ll host a fan remix contest and the best one gets released on their label or something along those lines. It crowd sources good music which I think is awesome. It incorporates people with different musical styles and tastes and allows them to get creative. A producer in Los Angeles can take a song in a completely different direction than a producer from France would. It allows the music to grow organically and leads towards a better, more diverse music selection. There are times where I become conflicted when a remix is better than the original, which is a great problem to have. Some DJ’s such as Deadmau5 live stream their studio sessions or release tutorials on how they made a particular track or certain sounds. How often are you saying that a sequel is better than the original when it comes to movies or anything else for that matter? Open sourcing software and music makes the music industry better for everyone.

The final democratic perspective on display in online content regarding the Electronic Dance Music industry would be just how easy it is to interact with DJ’s / producers and their welcoming attitude to their fans. I would say that they are the most active on social media, whether it be posting to their snapchat,(side note do yourself a favor and follow Dillon Francis on snapchat for some quality laughs) Instagram or engaging with twitter fans.Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 6.39.07 PM It’s refreshing to see them get so much enjoyment out of it and the mutually respectful interactions that occur. Whether it be responding to fans tweets, favoriting their tweets or posting a snap about them. As I mentioned earlier, Deadmau5 live streams his recording sessions and even his performances sometimes. There’s even this gem where some fan sent him a vocal for a track and it turned into one of his biggest hits.


Artists in the Electronic Dance Music industry are the most receptive and warming to their fans. The common good is something that this industry promotes excluding the business practices trying to hijack the sense of peace, love, unity and respect amongst the community.


By Adam Brewster


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